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Which Persons are covered by Regulations (and cannot play Prixview games)?
Please refer to Prixview’s Terms to see a list of “Prohibited Parties.
These Parties are also defined as “Participants” within the US Equestrian Federation’s Prevention of the Manipulation of Competition Policy:
Participant” means any natural or legal person belonging to one of the following categories:
  1. Athlete” means any rider, driver, vaulter, or handler, participating in Competition;
  1. Athlete Support Personnel” means any coach, trainer, groom, manager, team staff, farrier, medical or veterinary personnel working with or treating Athlete(s) or horses participating in or preparing for Competition, and all other persons working with the Athletes and/or horses
  1. Owner” means any person who is the owner of, a shareholder in, or interested party in a horse, including legal owners and individuals or entities recorded with the Federation as an owner.
  1. Official” means any person who is licensed by the Federation or any Recognized Affiliate Association to officiate at Competitions, any licensee, manager, or secretary of a Competition, any other Competition staff, including anyone with an ownership or shareholder interest in the Competition.
  1. “Staff” means any person who serves in a volunteer or paid role for the Federation or a Recognized Affiliate Association.
What are the US Equestrian Federation regulations on anti-corruption?
The United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. (the “Federation”) is the National Governing Body of equestrian sport, and as such is tasked with ensuring fairness, safety, and integrity in equestrian sport. Fairness and integrity are fundamental to the enjoyment of sport and competition. Any attempts at or manipulation of the fairness and integrity of sport threaten the overall enjoyment of the sport. This Prevention of the Manipulation of Competition Policy has been created to ensure the protection of fairness and integrity in all levels of equestrian sport.
Please find the whole policy here.
Are there betting restrictions on Prixview games?
  • Sports Betting, Bet, or Betting” means any wager of a stake of monetary value in the expectation of a cash prize or other prize of monetary value, subject to a future and uncertain occurrence related to a Competition. Cash and prizes of de minimus value are permitted. Prixview games are FREE TO PLAY. They do not qualify as betting.
  • Age Restrictions: account holders must be 18 or older to enter Prixview games.
What else is considered as a corruption offense?
Connected persons are not permitted to solicit, offer, induce, instruct, persuade, encourage and/or facilitate the giving and/or receiving of benefit (which may be money or something else) in relation to a Jumping event improperly and/or in circumstances in which the connected person knows or should be expected to know may bring the person or the Game into disrepute or pose a threat to the integrity of the Game.
This would cover, for example, accepting gifts from match fixers as part of the "grooming" process or introducing a player, for example, to a match fixer in exchange for money.
Connected persons are also not permitted to tamper with, obstruct, delay and/or destroy any evidence or potential evidence, documentation or information which may be relevant to a breach, potential breach or investigation.
What qualifies as “misinformation” or “inside information”?
Depending on your role in the Sport, you may have access to different types of Inside Information:
Athletes, trainers and support staff
If you are an athlete, coach, vet, doctor/physiotherapist, analyst or someone else involved with a team, the Inside Information you acquire could be far-reaching:
  1. It is illegal for athletes, coaches & support staff to sell and/or license confidential medical information, biometric data, or any non-public data used to evaluate athlete and/or horse performance.
  1. Athletes, coaches & support staff are not allowed to sell and/or license any public or non-public information related to their training or horse care programs.
  1. The use of social media and the associated risks of participants releasing information through these channels is high. Athletes should be mindful of the use of these channels when sharing video and photo footage of their programs.
People involved in sport administration
If you are an administrator or volunteer in a Union, Association or Club, for example, the Inside Information you have could include: coaching appointments, fixture scheduling information, team selections, officials appointments, competition management, in-gate management, footing conditions, jump setting, citings and suspensions, etc. until such information becomes public knowledge.
People associated with others involved in the sport
If you are a family member, friend or associate of any of the above people you could also become privy to this Inside Information through your connection to that person. Having Inside Information is inevitable as part of every role in the Game and does not breach the Regulations in itself. It is how you treat that information that is important.
Where do I report horse welfare issues or sport manipulation cases?
  • IOC Integrity Hotline
    • The IOC Integrity and Compliance Hotline can be used to report any breaches of the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions in the Olympic Games, notably betting on one’s sport, sharing inside information, any successful/unsuccessful attempt of competition manipulation, corrupt conduct, and failure to report such information. The IOC Integrity and Compliance Hotline provides confidentiality and anonymity, and it is accessible at any time for anyone who wishes to report any of the aforementioned breaches in relation to equestrian events that take place at the Olympic/Youth Olympic Games and/or under the jurisdiction of the IOC Link:
  • Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI)
    • Use the Equestrian Community Integrity Unit (ECIU) Hotline: /fei/about-fei/integrity
    • ECIU Hotline: +44 (0) 20 7935 5822
    • ECIU Email:
    • Likewise you can also contact the FEI Director Governance & Institutional Affairs (
      Important considerations:
    • Confidentiality: your identity will not be disclosed to persons beyond those responsible for investigating your report, without explicit consent.
    • Anonymity: any person can request to stay anonymous and such request will be respected by the FEI.
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