General FAQ

When can I enter the competition?
Entries go live as soon as the start list of each class is posted. Entries must be submitted prior to the start of the real-world class off of which that game is based.
Am I able to cancel or edit my entry?
You are not able to cancel or edit your entry after it has been submitted.
What happens if one of my picks scratches?
If one or both riders scratches the competition, points will not be rewarded for that matchup.
What if the riders tie their matchup?
Riders with equal jumping faults are separated by time. When riders finish with equal jumping faults and the same time (i.e. same placing), points are awarded to every participant.
Are post-competition result corrections or changes considered?
All game results are settled based on the official scoring of each class that posted upon the immediate completion of the competition. Any further changes to the results (late disqualifications, rulings, etc.) will not be considered for settling Prixview prizes.
What states does Prixview operate in?
Prixview operates its free-to-play games in all US States, except for Washington State.
More questions? Please email us at info@prixview.com.
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