Points System
The points attributed to each combination are based off of the probability that the rider/horse combination will complete the real world competition without any faults. Our team formulates these probabilities based on the past performances of riders, horses and the rider/horse combinations under the following variables:
  • Course designer
  • Arena surface
  • Arena size
  • Arena type (indoor, outdoor)
  • Class start time
  • Course plan
  • Starting Number
  • Total Number of Entries
Head to Head Scoring Format
This is your classic face-off competition between two opponents. Winner takes all.
  • Winner: The rider that finishes higher in the Class wins the matchup
  • Tie: In the event of a Tie, matchup points are awarded to both riders
  • Void: In the event a rider scratches, no matchup points are awarded
  • Void: In the event that both riders do not complete the competition (retired or eliminated), no points will be rewarded
Over/Under Scoring Format
Predict whether a horse/rider combination will finish over or under their projected faults.
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