About Prixview

Prixview is the leading sports data provider for the equestrian sport of show jumping. At Prixview, we collect official live competition data and process it into insights and analytics for modern media and gaming brands.
Prixview has built the first and most comprehensive fantasy sports games for equestrian. Free-to-play, Prixview’s fantasy offerings award real cash prizes, while aggregating, engaging and educating a growing equestrian audience.

Our Mission

Official, high-quality data is critical to modern sports, serving as a means for both rights holders to monetize their data and for leagues to grow their fandom through heightened engagement and increased educational opportunities. Show jumping currently lack the in-depth data available to fans and stakeholders alike in other sports, from baseball, basketball and football to tennis, golf and horseracing. Prixview seeks to bridge that gap, building a holistic, integrated end-to-end sports data and technology platform for equestrian.
We’ve already built the tools and team to collect and process new, never-before-collected equestrian competition data points in real-time. Prixview software instantly generates real-time insights and analytics, establishing the brand as the market leader in understanding and capturing and the power of equestrian sports data.
Numbers don’t lie. An impressive 38 million U.S. households have a horse enthusiast, and 2.9 million Americans are horse owners. Prixview’s data points will be interpreted into valuable insight for athletes to analyze and improve performance; for broadcasters to identify meaningful trends on air; and for leagues and federations to educate and grow their fan bases, preserve the integrity of sport, and open the door for new modernization and monetization opportunities in the sport.

Our Leadership

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